One of the main characteristics of Panama's geography, besides its abundant green areas, are its tropical jungles traversed by extensive rivers with their abrupt trajectories. In some of them that run towards the Pacific and the Caribbean there are appropriate scenarios for river rafting. If once you dreamt of doing it, this is the best moment to experience it in Panama.

In Chiriqui province you can practice safe river rafting, all year long in natural scenarios: Chiriqui River, a class 4, available all year log, affords a real challenge during the months from April to December.

Tour Operators in Panama provide everything that is necessary to enjoy this adventure, and help you find in these deep rivers the degrees of difficulty that visitors demand, from beginners, to advanced.

The same is true of the opportunity to practice this exciting adventure thanks to the extensive trajectory of the river and certain demanding stretches where you can experience the greatest challenge of your life with nature. Come and enjoy yourself.