Panama, like Costa Rico and Nicaragua, is a Central American country full of contrasts and surprises

This country of the Panama Canal is located between two oceans and borders on Colombia and Costa Rica.

A few dates
Panama is almost twice the size of Switzerland with a little less than 80,000 m2 and has 3.8 million inhabitants. Its narrowest point is just 51 kilometres. The highest mountain in the country is the volcano Barú with 3475 meters.
Particularly attractive is the fact that the numerous bays off the coast are lined with hundreds of islands.

The climate in Panama

Let’s go to Panama – but when? When is the best time to travel to this tempting destination? That depends on where exactly you want to go. The climate in the lowlands is warm and humid, with annual temperatures between 23 and 31°C. In the west, on the other hand, which is crossed by mountains, the drushcnitt 5 to 10 ° C is cooler and less humid.
The dry season in the country lasts from about December to April, the rainy season dominates the rest of the year. Nevertheless, it does not rain continuously during the rainy season, even here there can be sunny days and phases from time to time. But when it rains, then it really does.
Thus, Panama is basically a worthwhile destination all year round.

The capital
Panama City is the capital, for travellers the old town is particularly worth seeing. The houses in Latin American style have a very special charm.

A few travel highlights
Those who are guests in Panama should not miss a trip through the so-called eighth wonder of the world, the Panama Canal. The trip is an extremely impressive holiday experience.
Also a historical train ride from Panama City to Colon promises a wonderful holiday memory. The railways are still in their original condition and the trip takes one hour through jungle and along Lake Gatun.

If you want, you can also visit Embera Indians during a Panama trip. With small boats one is taken along the jungle to the village of the natives. An authentic and highly interesting holiday experience. The great ones are also for example the casinos, Bitcoin Roulette is a way to switch something off.
Panama is also a country of natural highlights: numerous national parks are real visitor magnets – for example the Bocas del Toro archipelago. It comprises more than 250 islands, many of them with fabulous coral reefs. The Pearl Archipelago is also always worth a visit and is particularly popular with divers.
The Darien Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is located in the southeast of the country. It is the most species-rich and fascinating biosphere reserve in Panama, where mountain and rainforest alternate.