Orchid of the Holy Spirit, with a dove in its midst, the National Flower of Panama Monument to Balboa, discoverer of the Pacific Ocean in 1513 early 1900's house in canal area.
Church in Amador Sail Boats at Amador Bridge of the Americas, as seen from Amador
example of wood oven, shown at Mi Pueblito, used in many houses in the interior of Panama Fire department celebration at Mi Pueblito Panama Canal Pilots buildings
Sailboats through locksSailboats crossing the Canal Statue of Poet Amelia Denis de Icaza on Ancon Hill Entrance of Panama Canal Administration Building
Church in Balboa/Amador Madem dam at the Panama Canal Panama City from Ancon Hillpart of Panama City viewed from Ancon Hill
Visitor's Center, Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal Monument to George Washington Goethal, chief  engineer and first governor of the Panama Canal Detail of Goethal's monument, naming the Canal's three locks
Boats through the Canal, Miraflores Locks    

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