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Panama Canal Country

Professional, fully bilingual, Tour Operators, can be your hosts and help you prepare all kinds of exciting and interesting Half Day and Full Day tours.  We are, of course, describing just a few of the available tours.


We are also including a suggested itinerary, for your convenience.


Half and Partial Day Tours

  • Partial Panama Canal transit: Experience a voyage through the canal, and see first hand how this modern world marvel operates.
  • City Tour and Panama Viejo: Visit the most important sites of the New and Old City, including the ruins of Panama's first City, burned down during an attack by pirates.
  • Golf: We have two separate professional golf courses for your enjoyment.  Horoko, less than 10 minutes away, and Summit, less than 15 minutes away.
  • Pipe Line Road: For Bird Watchers it is a name and a place to remember.  It boasts the record for the highest number of birds seen in a single day, several beautiful setting, in a pristine surrounding.
  • National Parks:  Panama has many National Parks to protect its species and nature.  Exquisite trails await all nature lovers.  Examples of these are the Metropolitan Park, Las Cruces Park, Soberania Park.
  • Museums:  From the Panama Canal museum and the new Biodiversity Museum, to historic buildings, this is also a great trek.  Very educational.
  • Fishing:  Some of the best deep sea fishing goes on in Panama.  Right in front of our resort you can rent boats and yachts for your enjoyment.
  • Scuba Diving:  Did you know you can scuba dive in two oceans, on the same day, in Panama?
  • Beaches:
  • Islands:


Full Day Tours

  • El Valle, Indian Market, Canopy Adventure:  El Valle, a dormant volcano, is a famous attraction of Panama.  It is a small, charming town, that was settled by Spaniards and has become a weekend getaway.  Located just 1.5 hours away former the City, it is best experienced on a Sunday because of the Indian market, with its crafts and trinkets.
  • Canopy Adventure Tour is also great.  It is also the setting for the famous "Slipping Indian" mountain, whose fairy tale says that an Indian fell asleep awaiting her lover.
  • Portobello and San Lorenzo:  Beautiful, well preserved ruins of Spanish forts that defended the Caribbean side of Panama from invaders.  From the pirates Henry Morgan and Black Beard, all have enjoyed the visit!
  • Embera Indians and Tropical Fores t:  Their community, traditions and customs have barely changed since the colonists days, some 5 centuries ago.   Is an experience not easily forgotten.  There is a limited number of tourists that may visit every day.   From the Hotel to Lake Alajuela, and by boats called 'piraguas' up the Chagres River.  The Embera people will welcome you, showing its village, customes, way of life, songs and dances.  Lunch will be held at the village.  Includes a spectacular 30 minute walk in the humid tropical forest.
    • This tour can also include 'tubing' down the Chagres river.
  • Barro Colorado STRR (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) : Managed by the Smithsonian Institution, and used as their most important tropical research center, this pristine area gathers many preserved and protected species of birds, monkeys and ants.  It is a heaven for nature lovers.



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