The best view to the entrance of the Panama Canal

Panama Canal Country

We have prepared general information on Panama, and our hotel, which we hope can aid you in your new visit.


Travel Needs


As you may know, traveling to Panama is very easy, and here are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions:


  • Visas: If you are a United States or Canadian Citizen, you only need a Valid Passport and a Tourist Card, which can be purchased, for just US$5, at airline counters, and even as you arrive in Panama. Tourist cards are valid for up to 90 days.


  • Safety: As with any large City, Panama has areas we do not recommend visiting.  Still, all of the tourist, shopping and visiting areas we feature here are safe for you and your family.  Your Hotel desk can advise you on any area you wish to visit.  Is important to note that Panama is one of the safest Countries in Latin America, and any dangerous areas are far away from visited areas.


  • Language: The official language of Panama is Spanish, but English is widely spoken and understood, both in Panama City and in the interior of the Country.


  • Currency:  The US Dollar is legal currency in Panama, so there are no hassles with currency conversions.  Panama does not have a Dollar Bill, so only US$ bills are used. For coins, both US and Panama's coins are used, which are the same value and weight.


  • ATMs:  Are widely available all over the Panama, supporting both Cirrus and Plus.  please remember your bank may charge fees for using them.


  • Time Zone:  Panama is under US  Eastern Standard Time, but does not observe Daylight Savings Time.


  • Electricity:  110w and 60Hz , the standard in the US and Canada.


  • Climate:  Panama has mostly a warm weather.  It is specially sunny between the months of December and April.  Depending on the area of the Country, such as the highlands, temperatures are much cooler.

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