Panamanian beaches are idyllic in their beauty, with 900 miles of coastline and a year-round climate that cannot be beat.  Add to that two oceans, the Pacific and the Caribbean sea, just a couple of hours away by car from each other, and you have tremendous opportunities for fun and exploration.

Tropical flora and fauna abound so never venture far without your camera in hand. Photographic opportunities are plentiful especially around dawn and sunset, and of course always in and near the water.

Pacific ocean beaches are abundant, and some are located near the city.  Just meters away from our hotel is a Beach Club called "La Playita" were our guests can enjoy the see and the sun.  Surfers are also favored in the Pacific Ocean, were some beaches, like Veracruz are famous for their waves. Check out other beaches like: Kobbe, El Palmar, Naos, Rio Mar, Punta Barco, Gorgona and Coronado.  You will find the best deep sea fishing on our Pacific side.

The Caribbean side offers wonderful beaches and sea life. Water enthusiasts and beachcombers alike will delight in the area.  Off the Colon Province coast, you'll find several Islands, which are inhabited by the Kuna Indians: coral islands of incredible beauty that rise only inches from sea level... sponges, coral, and abundant sea life are great for scuba diving.

Another great Caribbean location is Bocas del Toro, with a very Caribbean atmosphere.  it is also a great location for ecotourism.

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